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Freight Rate Calculator, FCL Container Shipping Quote from/to China, India, Egypt, Afrika... in Odessa, Illychevsk. Container cargo to/from Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Belarus, Poland since 1994

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Sea Container Freight Cost

We offer the best rates for container shipping by sea from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Israel, Turkey, Africa, other countries from the best linear shipping companies in the world.

Ocean container delivery service from China, forwarding and on-land transportation in Odessa to Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Poland.

International carriage of dangerous goods, hazardous materials, ADR in containers. Own fleet of ADR-licensed truck tracktors.

Passing of all customs formalities and international container drayage.

A container cargo shipping from China, India, Israel, Egypt and others. To Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

On-land FCL trucking across Moldova, Russia, Republic of Belarus and Ukraine & Poland since 1994.

Transportation of liquid bulk in the cargo tank containers or by using Flexi tanks.