Intermodal Transportation, Multimodal transport & Haulage in Odessa, Chernomorsk (ex. Ilyichevsk)

Intermodal Transportation, Haulage in Odessa, Chernomorsk (ex.Ilyichevsk) to/from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus. Freight forwarding, shipping and trucking since 1994.
Intermodal Transportation, Multimodal transport & Haulage in Odessa, Chernomorsk

Intermodal Transportation, Multimodal Haulage in Odessa, Chernomorsk

Multimodal transport, intermodal transport, as well as combined transport is the carriage of goods within one agreement which uses at least two different modes of transport. Thus, the carrier bears full legal responsibility for the entire carriage even if it is carried out by several different modes of transport (e.g. by sea and road). The carrier, however, is not required to be available to all vehicles and in practice is usually does not have. Transportation is often implemented using sub-carriers (legally speaking the actual carriers). The carrier, which is responsible for the entire carriage is called multimodal transport operator.

International multimodal transport and intermodal transportation is the transportation of goods by at least two different modes of transport on the basis of a multimodal transport contract from a single point in the country of origin, in which goods are exported on along swap in an endpoint in the destination country.

in practice freight forwarders have grown in multimodal transport operators when away from their traditional role as the agent of the sender and the carrier to assume responsibility. In addition, large sea carriers are transformed into SWAPS, offering door-to-door services, that is, the ocean carrier provides transport from the enterprise-sender (somewhere inside the country) directly to the enterprises-destination (often too internally), rather than only offering traditional solutions.

Historically multimodal transport developed in conjunction with the so called container revolution in the 1960 's and 70 's, freight, and to date are the basis for MTOs. However, it must be understood that intermodal transport are not equivalent container transport and multimodal transport in the same way possible and without containers.

Intermodal Transportation, Haulage in Odessa, Chernomorsk

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