Odessa Forwarding and Container Dispatch Services (FCL) to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova

Container Freight Forwarding the port of Odessa. Modern infrastructure and geographical attractiveness make forwarding of cargoes to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova at the port of Odessa is the best option when shipping containers from China, India, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and other.
Odessa Forwarding and Container Dispatch Services (FCL) to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova

Odessa Forwarding For Container Cargoes To Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova

Forwarding of cargoes in containers - delivery for individuals or companies with a will to the delivery of goods from the manufacturer to client or in the specified endpoint delivery.

Forwarding company contract with the customer, to move goods. The freight forwarder acts as an expert in the field of logistics, vessel chartering contracts with shipping lines (shipowners). Advises the client to supply contract goods according to the rules of Incoterms . One may involve multiple points of transshipment container, as well as several carriers.

Typically involve forwarding companies namely international transport, Although you can perform and easier transportation. From forwarders have additional expertise in the preparation of documents and passing customs, preparation of documentation, and perform other actions relating to the international transport of containers. Information provided by the freight forwarder, includes Bill of lading, invoice (commercial invoice), shipper's export declaration, invoice and other documents required by the carrier or by the country of export, import and/or overload. Some of this information is now handled electronically.

Forwarding of cargoes in containers at the port of Odessa, delivery of own motor transport, sea freight from China and ports from LLC "ZENAL" LTD

We offer a full complex of services in the sphere of freight forwarding and delivery of cargoes in containers (FCL) from the ports of the world through Odessa and Ilyichevsk. Have our own large fleet of modern and efficient container vessels ready to comply with international freight in Moldova, Russia, The Republic of Belarus and Ukraine.

Professional consultations in the development of container shipping route.

Assistance in the preparation of documentation for the cargo to reduce material and time expenses in forwarding and delivery.

Mandatory full cargo insurance and liability of the freight forwarder and the carrier.

Forwarding, shipping, and road transportation of dangerous goods by own licensed motor transport.

Odessa Forwarding and Container Cargo Shipping Services

We provide the best rates on container shipping by sea from China, Turkey, India, Arab Emirates, from best linear shipping companies in the world, as well as the forwarding of cargoes at the port of Odessa.

Cost of Odessa Forwarding Services (quote freight rate price)

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$350 000

Forwarder & Carrier Insurance

€60 000

Responsibility Insurance by IRU (Carnet TIR)


Additional Insurance Services

$50 000

Hazardous Materials Insurance (Dangerous Goods - ADR)

Odessa Forwarding Container Shipping & Trucking Company ZENAL LTD - shipping from China to Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, container logistics, shipping, chartering, transportation of hazardous materials ADR, liquid and bulk cargo in containers. Import, export and transit of cargo in any type of container.

We guarantee high quality intermodal services for more than 20 years.

Транспортно-экспедиторская компания ZENAL LTD

Certificate of State Registration of the Company No. A00 254832  from 06.10.1994. Certificate of Valid Member of Asmap (Association of the International Carriers IRU) No. 10735. License of the Ministry of Transport and Communications on the Transport of Dangerous Goods of the AG No. 590978. Forwarder and Carrier Insurance contract with PZU Ukraine No. 312.994026489.20233.